Want to become a referral?

After a lot of consideration and requests, we decided to give our members the possibility to invite their friends and be rewarded for that.

However, we also wanted to avoid becoming one of those "mlm" opportunities where members basically only care about residual income.

We do not want to have our links distributed everywhere, just to gain a few new souls to increase the residual income of the "recruiter"

We care about our members and we expect that our members care about their invited friends as well.

Therefore we decided to introduce a "referral program" and added some rewards for that along the way.

To be eligible to become a referrer, you will need a active Academy subscription, and a visible username on Telegram.

As a referrer you simply ask your referral, your friend or family who you are introducing, to enter your telegram username at the checkout procedure


That's it!

Now I hear you thinking.. this is cool, but what's in it for me?

Since it is 2020, it's hip to have your own currency.

We want the same, but since that is a bit difficult to start with, we decided to call the rewards academy funds ( since you can spend them in the academy )


The rewards are :

For every $99 subscription, there will be a one time referral fee of $15* 

For every $195 subscription, there will be a one time referral fee of $35* + $15 monthly recurring ( as long as the subscriber is active )


* minimum payout is $60

for the payout there are several options and possibilities, so please read this carefully:

1) You can save up to $600 in academy funds and purchase the yearly package for $600 ( which is not available for public anymore), if you have the yearly package, the payout will be send by PayPal*

* minimum payout is $60

2) Payment every month, in the form of a refund on your academy subscription, with a payout minimum of $60.

For all payouts, a minimum balance of $60 is required.

You will be notified by telegram if someone signs up as your referral.

If you expect large amounts of traffic and are in need of a personal page for your marketing needs of the academy, please contact us directly.